Job Purpose
The Program Manager for ChopArt will be one of the sole representatives who will learn and help coordinate all ChopArt programs both domestic and internationally. This person will serve as the face of the ChopArt organization with our community partners and will work closely with CEO
& Founder on administrative tasks to maintain program success. Through the Program Coordinator’s role, ChopArt will be able to rotate year around programs onsite and through the shelters, track program impact and support supplemental programs.

Duties and responsibilities
• Serve as liaison between ChopArt and community partners/teens while cultivating
relationship and creating opportunity for new ones.
• Assist with creating and coordinating programs for teens including EAR, Camp
• Envision, wrap around service, field-trips, and in-shelter programs.
• Lead personnel recruitment for programs.
• Manage programming budget
• Attend evening classes and manage instructors, volunteers, and other program personnel
• Lead evaluation efforts for programs
• Assist with scaling and developing revenue models for programs.
• Type A working style preferred.
• An established knowledge and understanding of the homeless community
• Experience working with teens
• Familiarity with the arts
• Self-starter and exceptional relationship cultivator
• Great planner and communicator. Highly organized.
• Trustworthy and responsible individual capable of effectively representing the ChopArt
brand and its youth.
• Dedication to maintaining presence in ChopArt teens’ lives.

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