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At YNAB, we build the world’s best budgeting software. But teaching people how to get control of their money and changing lives one budget at a time is what gets us up in the morning. We want to grow our reach even further, and we’re looking for a versatile writer we can entrust with one of our most valuable assets: The YNAB Voice.

You are a natural storyteller—funny and creative—but you understand the importance of the business objectives behind the message. We know this because you artfully tucked the CTA right behind the first joke. #nailedit! Cheesy doesn’t scare you, because you can dad joke #likeaboss.

Not only are you swift and mighty with your pen, you are always jotting down ideas and pitching new approaches. The marketing team will quickly consider you a huge creative asset and wonder how they ever got on without you. Which gives you an idea for a blog post…

Without ever sacrificing quality, you understand the role of SEO, optimization, and conversion copy approaches. You strike the balance (and sometimes a pose) with ease.

You can shift gears—blog posts, landing pages, email courses, ad campaigns, newsletters, video scripts, perhaps even a parody song or two—because regardless of the format, you can crack yourself up and nail the headline without breaking a sweat.

Requirements (these are real, actual requirements):

  • Prolific writer with a sense of humor and experience thriving under daily deadline pressure
  • Did we mention a sense of humor? (Because if you haven’t already thought to yourself how hilarious this job posting reads, well,…)
  • Unintimidated and energized at the prospect of writing 5-15 pieces of content per week (depending on variables like story type, length, complexity, weather, etc.)
  • Proven ability to produce high-quality content across genres (practical how-tos, researched deep dives, customer profiles, first-person narrative, pop psychology, etc.)
  • Idea generating machine who considers the implications of SEO, trends, multiple audiences/platforms, larger goals with every piece of content, as naturally as breathing (and, OK, fine, yes—probably has a little flair for the dramatic)
  • Excellent time management skills which make juggling—multiple projects, daily, weekly and monthly deadlines, and an always changing assortment of story types—look easy
  • Desire to help lead overall content strategy

That gives you a pretty good idea of the job, but first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. (We think you will.)

To apply for this job please visit www.youneedabudget.com.