Colony Square’s Social Media & Community Coordinator

Colony Square’s Social Media & Community Coordinator

Colony Square

The role of Colony Square’s Social Media & Community Coordinator will support and manage the property’s social media and digital marketing assets. Management includes but is not limited to:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Directly report to Colony Square’s Marketing Manager
  • Brand storytelling and establishing a positive online community and reputation
    Content and community management
  • Digital support and management as it relates to web, SEO, and property assets and technology
  • Duties and Responsibilities

In order to perform daily duties and responsibilities, the Colony Square Social Media + Community Coordinator must:

  • Create a social media and digital strategyDevelop and implement a social media and digital marketing plan(s)
  • Social networks are not just limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Brand storytelling and executionExecute social media and digital marketing plan(s) and day-to-day initiatives
  • Identify target demographicResearch, identity and determine audience(s) we are speaking to and how our strategies will tailor to each audience
  • Set clear objectivesIdentify challenges and set up defined, realistic goals

Visual Design and Digital Strategies

  • Ensure selection of graphics, imagery, and multi-media is compelling and that it educates, entertains, and aligns with brand standards and compliments overall marketing plan(s)
  • Solid content strategyCreate and publish of relevant, original, high-quality content and carefully tailor content to each medium(s) utilized
  • Oversee creative and design (e.g. landing pages, email headers, website, ads)
    Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content, and plan specific timely campaigns
  • Create and manage a regular publishing schedule
  • Leverage the right tools to manage content

Promotion strategy

  • Design, create, execute and manage both an organic and paid social media plans

Engagement strategy

  • Develop plan on how we monitor/listen, respond, ask questions and engage audience(s) in addition to leveraging efforts with PR

Conversion strategy

  • Develop plan on how to scale social media marketing plan (e.g. increasing followership, engagement, impressions and reach)
  • Strategize on how to take social media marketing and traditional marketing plans to the next level

Measure & Analyze

  • Establish benchmarks and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
    Ability to understand and interpret data and share what’s most important as it relates to overall strategies and goals
  • Determine how we take it to the next level based on data
  • Compile and deliver monthly and yearly reports highlighting objectives, initiatives, results, lessons learned/recommendations, and share what’s ahead

Manager On Duty: Must be able to assist with shifts on various weekends at Colony Square.

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