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  • $90,000 stipend with health benefits
  • Travel and accommodations while in Boston and during school study travel
  • Work space in Boston and technology support


Through The Fellowship, highly motivated individuals who are deeply committed to improving urban education participate in rigorous, multi-year training that prepares them to design, found, and lead a high-performing, urban charter school. We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Fellowship on a rolling basis.


Building Excellent Schools (BES) is a national nonprofit organization committed to improving the academic achievement of underserved students in our nation’s urban centers. We accomplish this by training leaders to take on the demanding and urgent work of founding and leading high-achieving, college preparatory urban charter schools.

The BES Fellowship, launched in 2001, has resulted in the incubation and establishment of more than 120 schools in 19 states that are closing the achievement gap and serving as national models of superior performance.


What sets BES apart is our focus on entrepreneurial leadership. The BES approach to school design equips school leaders with the skills they need to effectively manage instruction, operations, student and adult culture, and external relationships in a high-performing, urban school. BES-trained leaders are demanding of themselves and others. They are ambitious achievers. They sweat the small stuff because they know every detail matters – every minute matters – when it comes to closing the achievement gap.

Over the course of the past 20 years, BES schools have educated over 33,000 students in more than 120 schools nationwide. BES schools are outpacing their districts and states, and setting a new standard for what is possible for all students.


Fellows design the school. Fellows build the culture and infrastructure of an urban charter school that they will design, found, and lead when its doors open in 2021.

Fellows receive the training. Fellows build skills specifically targeted to founding a school – including school design, operations, and board and organizational development. Fellows complete practice-based training based on the successful practices of the highest performing urban charter schools around the country. Additional training consists of a residency in a high-performing urban charter school, school visits with a Fellowship cohort of like-minded leaders, and structured work in their home territory. BES will provide guidance and support from charter application and board development, through authorization and school start-up. The definitive aim of the BES Fellowship year is to conclude with an approved charter application, inclusive of the best-practices in urban school design, an exceptional founding board, and a thoroughly prepared school leader.

Fellows are leaders. After Fellows design and found their school, they become the leader of an independently managed, gap-closing charter school. As a leader with BES training, Fellows join the ranks of over 120 charter schools nationwide and have access to continued support from the BES Follow-On Support Team. Fellows take their belief that all students are college-bound and work tirelessly to ensure that every student will be on the path to college.

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